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The Rising C-Suites Business Hackathon is a critical thinking competition with no bounds. In 48 hours, you'll collaborate, build, pitch, and network within the business landscape at the best universities in the world.


Spend an action-packed weekend competing at the top business schools in the world.

The Rising C-Suites Business Hackathon (RCBH) is a prestigious 2-day critical thinking competition for teens held at renowned business schools such as the Berkeley Haas School of Business, which has been consistently ranked as one of the top institutions for all business programs worldwide.

A group of students working at the June 2023 Rising C-Suites Business Hackathon
Winners at the June 2023 Rising C-Suites Business Hackathon posing with their awards

During this exclusive event, participating students will have the opportunity to present their innovative solutions for real corporate scenarios to a distinguished panel of business executives and esteemed faculty members.

A group of students presenting at the June 2023 Rising C-Suites Business Hackathon
The panel of judges at the June 2023 Rising C-Suites Business Hackathon

In addition to showcasing their talents, participants will also gain valuable insights by touring the college facilities and engaging in networking sessions with esteemed professors and fellow competitors.

A group of students touring UC Berkeley at the June 2023 Rising C-Suites Business Hackathon
A guest speaker at the June 2023 Rising C-Suites Business Hackathon

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The RCBH event was a great opportunity for me to network and get to know people interested in the same field as me in a much more opening setting. I loved learning about the other attendees’ entrepreneurial ventures and passion projects; inspiring mine as well. I think the hackathon part really played a crucial role in helping me interact with my teammates! For example I got to know about their small businesses and implement their experiences into our solution for the hackathon as well.

Sriya P.

Participant, 2023 RCBH @ Berkeley Haas

The 2023 Rising C-Suites Business Hackathon, powered by Berkeley Haas and Berkeley Haas Business Academy for Youth (B-BAY), was an insightful and fun experience. The event put an important emphasis on real-world problem-solving skills with unique business issues to tackle. Along with being awarded second place overall, I networked with other like-minded students and learned a ton from the program’s esteemed guest speakers and Haas faculty. Rising C-Suite’s Hackathon is a must for any high-school student looking to grow personally, connect with others, and apply business principles into action.

Zachary N.

Participant, 2023 RCBH @ Berkeley Haas

As someone with limited business experience, I found value in the networking opportunities at this hackathon. It brought together some of the most exceptional students from across the Bay Area, which gave me an outlet to expand my professional network and gain insights from experienced professionals. I would truly recommend this hackathon to anybody, even if they have limited business experience as I did.

Yousef E.

Participant, 2023 RCBH @ Berkeley Haas

My experience with Rising C-Suites was incredibly fulfilling. Not only did I get to explore fields I was interested in, but I got to network with industry professionals, as well as like minded peers. The unique student led structure is what really drew my interest, and the hands-on experience I gained during my time there is invaluable.

Vedant M.

Participant, 2023 RCBH @ Berkeley Haas

The Rising C-Suites Hackathon that I attended last June, gave me a huge outlook on the business world. The way Darsh, Aarav, and Angad showed how businesses and creative thinking can be used together fired a process in me, I looked more into business and financial programs, got involved with entrepreneurs, and started my first year at DECA. The Rising C Suites Hackathon gave me a starting platform to find my path in the business world and focus on a career that I can truly enjoy!

Aryaman S.

Participant, 2023 RCBH @ Berkeley Haas

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