Silicon Valley’s first youth-led business consulting firm.

About Us

Affordable, tailored business consulting for youth and adult entrepreneurs alike.

With a team of 10+ business consultants with highly valuable diverse skill sets, we provide a personalized approach for passionate business people. To learn more about our business model and sign up for a free consultation meeting with our CEO and COO, please visit the consultation page.

Our Story

Created by ambitious young entrepreneurs.

Our organization was founded by three bay area high schoolers, Aarav Goswami (CEO/CFO), Darsh Shah (COO), and Angad Bhargav (CTO). Aarav experienced the common challenges many novice entrepreneurs face when embarking on their entrepreneurial journey. These included difficulties in building a talented team, securing potential partnerships, and obtaining advice from experienced professionals.

Aarav Goswami and Darsh Shah

Rising C-Suites CEO and COO, Aarav Goswami (left) and Darsh Shah (right)

After attending a summer program and getting to know some of the smartest youth entrepreneurs, he got in touch with Darsh and Angad who shared similar aspirations with him. Aarav, who started an ecommerce home decor store called MiCasaSuCasa, realized that it was a challenging process. He found that Darsh and Angad had also faced similar difficulties starting their respective ventures: Young Champions, an initiative that sought to teach niche skills to students in his community, and StudyKit, an AI-powered studying app meant to enhance the learning process. However, the three of them realized there was a massive lack of resources for youth entrepreneurs. In turn, they started a service to help other entrepreneurs navigate these challenges of growing their startups. They brought together a team of well-vested young business people who shared their passion for entrepreneurship and had the expertise to assist others in the field. Together they developed a comprehensive business model to guide beginner entrepreneurs toward success.

Our Mission

Empowering the next generation of business leaders.

By addressing common issues faced by entrepreneurs, such as a lack of resources, direction, and professional support, we hope to help the leaders of tomorrow. As experienced and passionate young entrepreneurs ourselves, our team understands the challenges of starting and growing a successful business.

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